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The SBU Energy Dashboard shows how energy-intense buildings are on campus. Click on a building to learn more about its energy usage.

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Energy Use Intensity (kBtu/ft2)

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What is Energy Use Intensity?
What is Energy Use Intensity?
Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is a key metric used to benchmark a buildings annual energy consumption. EUI is defined as the measurement of a building’s annual energy consumption relative to its gross square footage. It has been called “the miles per gallon rating of the building industry” and is used to compare the energy consumption of similar building types. EUI also provides the ability to compare the energy performance of different types of buildings and is shown on the map with the transparent circles.
How is EUI calculated?
Energy Use Intensity =
Annual Energy Use (kBtu)
Building Gross Square Footage (GSF)
What does it mean when a building's EUI is lower than another's?
Buildings with a low EUI typically demonstrates good energy performance. A low EUI can also signify that the building is not energy intense, such as residence halls. On the other hand, laboratory buildings and hospitals are energy-intense because of their required ventilation and use of energy-intense equipment.
Space Usage:
Energy Use Intensity (EUI):
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